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To develop, to maintain and transmit true knowledge ethics and traditional values that highlights the essence of the compositions of Sri. Shankaracharya especially the most sacred “Soundarya Lahari”.


To mold young ones in our care into role models who excel in academics with human values and social concern.


To empower contemporary education through holistic approach.

Birth & Metamorphosis

Building a new chapter of enlightenment and enrichment inculcating traditional values is our vision formula.

Chief Executive Officer

Tuesday, 1 January 2014

    “To direct individual accomplishments and to spin organizational excellence, team spirit is indispensable’ our institution has made colourful strides in imparting quality education by […]

Managing Director

Monday, 1 January 2014

Education helps an individual to evaluate situation and develop a sense of vision which  are not printed in books, but inculcated in the young minds with […]


Sunday, 1 January 2014

Total academic excellence to combat the new and changing trends in the realm of value based education is the need of the hour. The right impetus […]


Saturday, 1 January 2014

Today, we are exposed to a highly competitive and challenging educational environment our society and culture is undergoing drastic transformation due to globalization and westernization. We, at […]