Every creation in this Universe is a product of evolution. Evolutions occur in stages. Soundarya Educational Institutions to begin with started imparting education in primary and high school levels from 1992-93. It is only in 2004-05 it evolved from the primary stages to Pre-University level. The area surrounding the school transformed itself into a seat of higher education and now a huge monumental granite structure has taken a shape with a beautiful landscape and with all the infrastructural facilities needed to gain higher knowledge. It has everything that a model college that can be imagined. An idealistic management, a team of young dedicated and qualified teaching faculty and an atmosphere that is eager to create, shape and mould future assets of the society.


To produce estimable students who would exhibit the evidence of education through moral standards and declare their readiness to provide service for the self are of the society and measure up to the civil standards.

To canalize the energy existing in the right direction to ultimately realize the dreams of the child, the parents and the society at large. To Imbue students with a sense of commitment to succeed beyond Dreams.


To excel in the academic quarters by making education EXPERIENTIAL by instilling in students the institutes of exploration and groom them into ENTERPRENEURS.

The motto that dominates the work culture is to impart patriotism and education thoroughly and candidly and thus prove INDISPENSABLE to all and make the students feel contributed.